Cassandra Amherst, NS This is a photo of Amherst, Nova Scotias first ever pride parade.

Julia, Regina, SK ()

The first time I kissed a woman was in November of 2012 I believe, a friend of mine kept getting hit on by a guy, so she put her arm around me and said I was her girlfriend, then we kissed. This fond memory was a VERY pinnacle moment in my life. After 15ish years thinking about it, I finally kissed a …


charlie Montreal, QC queer #inthetimeofcorona


Catherine Montréal, QC J’étais en quatrième secondaire, en cours de français on se devait de lire un livre de notre choix écrit par Michel Tremblay. À l’époque, je n’aimais pas les romans. Je redoutais en particulier ceux avec de la romance. À ma grande surprise, j’ai littéralement « mangé » le livre Le coeur éclaté en moins de 48 heures. C’était la toute première …

K. David, Montreal, QC ()

In 1994, my partner passed away. As a member of a same-sex couple, I was not entitled to the Quebec survivor pension. Heterosexual couples had that right. This was a case of discrimination  based on sexual orientation, illegal according to Quebec human rights law. I, together with three others, sued the Quebec government to obtain the pension. We were represented …

Amberee, Fredericton, NB

“I want to tell you Amberee’s story. A Long and Winding Road. Amberee Hardy looks back at her journey and provides some advice for those who are beginning their transition. Amberee is Transgender she remembers growing up something was wrong. As this girl, Amberee remembers wanting to play with girl toys, dress like the girls and play with girls. Amberee’s …


My  girlfriend and I ! We’ve been together for 5 years! Can’t wait to marry her! 🙂 Melissa Repentigny, QC

  nb crosswalk   Bouctouche, NB