Cassandra Amherst, NS This is a photo of Amherst, Nova Scotias first ever pride parade.


charlie Montreal, QC queer #inthetimeofcorona


Catherine Montréal, QC J’étais en quatrième secondaire, en cours de français on se devait de lire un livre de notre choix écrit par Michel Tremblay. À l’époque, je n’aimais pas les romans. Je redoutais en particulier ceux avec de la romance. À ma grande surprise, j’ai littéralement « mangé » le livre Le coeur éclaté en moins de 48 heures. C’était la toute première …


My  girlfriend and I ! We’ve been together for 5 years! Can’t wait to marry her! 🙂 Melissa Repentigny, QC


[featured-img] The growing ties between technology and the LGBTQ community. Queer Tech Montreal hosts its inaugural event. This marked the first meeting of our community group that represents LGBTQ professionals in science, technology, engineering and maths/medicine (STEM), with a focus on tech startup entrepreneurs. Queer Tech MTL aims to promote greater diversity and inclusion of LGBTQ people in the tech …


Hey everyone. My name is Keara and I just recently came out as transgender (female to male) to my family. So far everyone in my family has been extremely supportive. The only person who does not know yet is my grand mother. I think if I told her she might have a heart attach. But anyways. I’m so happy I …