Amberee, Fredericton, NB

“I want to tell you Amberee’s story.

A Long and Winding Road.

Amberee Hardy looks back at her journey and provides some advice for those who are beginning their transition.
Amberee is Transgender she remembers growing up something was wrong. As this girl, Amberee remembers wanting to play with girl toys, dress like the girls and play with girls.

Amberee’s mother new her child was different just couldn’t put a finger on it. Her mother made ringlets of the child’s long blond hair, even though the child’s name was of a boy. She hugged her mothers dresses to her. The scent of perfume, the feel of fabric. But afterwards she paid for these private sessions with a heavy burden of quilt and a feeling she’d failed her father.

During her school years, Amberee was bullied and rejected by the boys, but she felt accepted and comfortable when she hang out with the girls. Amberee said, I think my mother knew she had a daughter instead of a boy.

Amberee Lynn Hardy Transition in January 2014 along with Hormone Replacement Therapy that she says it’s not an easy-ride.

A decision that she doesn’t regret, but it did come at a price. Amberee got divorced and lost a special connection with her family.

Amberee is a strong woman.


Fredericton , NB